I am inspired for the life I had and promises myself that no matter what happened I will not surrender


It was not a comfortable life for me before, after all those struggles and sacrifices I have faced to have a good experience now. Every time, I recall my past I still cannot believe that I finally overcome it. Many times I feel so unloved and rejected by the world, but I always keep fighting. I don’t want to surrender even the difficulties I face becomes hard. Well, people thought that being poor won’t make you move your life, which you do not have the chance to become successful and not worthy of dreaming.


Well, for me, I am inspired for the life I had and promises myself that no matter what happened I will not surrender. There are also days that I thought of negative; sometimes, I  have to ask God why he allows such things to happen with me. Why he punishes me and make me suffer. And I realized that maybe God is reserving me to something right, and let me experience first what the real life is for me to know the feeling of it and be compassionate to other people.


Of course, life won’t is that easy and we have to fight a lot before we can finally have what we want. There is no easy way for everything, and going into a shortcut out of it will only complicate your life. You have to work hard and be so determined in life. You can always do everything; those impossible thoughts can be possible if you like to move your life into something great. I heard a lot of stories about people who have uplift their life, most of them started at the bottom, and now they are one of the wealthiest people. According to them, if you are serious about life and change things, you can always make a way.  There are lots of tomorrow in life, and every day is a new beginning to start. You don’t need to be discouraged if you try then you fail, it is okay as long as you had tried. Every mistakes or failure gives us something to learn.


I grow up in my grandma in Illinois Canada and have some frustrations with my parents. Of course, it is different when your parents raise you and comfort you. But my parents were selfish; they left me into an old woman who had difficulty also in life. And my grandma is the only one who raised me despite her situation too. According to her, my mom and dad had married young; they were twenty years old when my father impregnated my mom. My fathers family and relatives were very against on their relationships, but he still marries mom. He doesn’t have a stable job and has not got any support from her family. Their life becomes miserable, and sometimes dad beats my mom. Eventually,  he gave up on mom and abandon her. My mom almost lost hope, but she still waits to labor me. She left me to grandma and promised to work to another place and sustained us. But she lied, my grandma has no communications with her anymore until our neighbor saw her in Kent. Kent is part of London, and the garden Britain so it attracts lots of people/ Our neighbor visited there to have vacation and accidentally saw my mom. According to her, she saw a mom with another family and already had a baby. Her name was also changed not to find her. Well, I am not interested in her but to the place, because our neighbor defined Kent an excellent and beautiful location.


I promise myself I will visit Kent when I finally have money and let my grandma experience comfortability in life. Years passed, I have finished my college with the help of grandma. And now, I allowed my grandma stop to work, and I will be the one to sustain our daily life. I also build my own company as the years passed by; my life becomes more comfortable than I expected. We went to Kent, and everything that our neighbor said was accurate. I also book Kent escorts to accompany me in my visit at Kent. And perhaps, people would love to books companions when in Kent.